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CCTV Technology Is a Necessity Now More Than Ever

Today's motion detection cameras Wholesale Detroit Red Wings Jersey , server processor speeds and high-performance networking architecture have really limited the use of traditional analogue tape-based systems since disk-based storage solutions have become the defacto standard. We can now deploy a surveillance system that can easily scale to meet the dramatically increased needs for the growing number of cameras and video systems, archive the image data for longer periods of time linked with incident reviews, security and safety audits, and litigation requirements of video evidence for defense and prosecution.

Cameras can be hidden inside a tissue box, radio, air filter or sprinkler head just to mention a few of the hundreds of covert devices used to catch a variety of criminal acts. Most covert cameras are designed to work as; stand alone Wholesale Dallas Stars Jersey , switcher controlled or as high quality integrated "nodes". We have improvised using "lipstick" cameras inside of broken, plastic tractor trailer tail lights with a wireless remote transmitter over 1000ft away to catch bandits on construction sites. We could not have done this without digital technology!

Rules vary from state to state on the use of video for prosecution and you should check with local laws to make sure. We always believe in posting signs warning of video surveillance just to be on the safe side. However, we have found that many times as long as you own the property you can use video surveillance at will. Recording audio is a more complex subject when it comes to the court system.

Gas stations, retail stores, construction sites, and even police cruiser mounted camera systems all help in prosecuting criminals. However Wholesale Columbus Blue Jackets Jersey , the quality of these cameras is very important as they have to show without question that the person committing the crime is in fact the person that is on trial. With all this new technology we have more leverage than ever before but it's still not good enough. Don't get me wrong, I am very impressed with the technology that is available but a lot of the best stuff is not affordable. We are able to mount cameras on rockets and the space shuttle to monitor the journey in way never before possible. We have higher quality cameras on cell phones that create viral videos every day. But in order to use these videos in court they have to really show facial recognition as much as possible. Most retail places cannot afford security guards that constantly monitor and adjust cameras to get proper facial recognition. The technology that is able to actively get facial recognition quickly and automatically is way too expensive. It is used in airports where they compare the images of faces against a national database to catch bad guys. I am sure that one day that technology will be the standard with retail places and gas stations but in the meantime we have to do the best we can with what we can afford. I highly encourage places of business to upgrade their old analog systems to digital and not skimp on quality. A crime can be captured and burned to disc but what good is it if the quality is not sufficient enough to prosecute the criminal in court. When you cannot use your system for what it was intended, then you have wasted time and money.

The technology is here. Be wise in choosing the right equipment and proper placement of that equipment. Learn to use it effectively and maintain it properly so when the time comes to take that information to court it will not be in vein.
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